Family In-Home Care

Private Family Casual/Temp

How much will I pay the agency for casual bookings?
There is an agency casual fee for each casual booking which is payable by credit card at the time of the booking.  Our fee structure is set out below:

Evening babysitting  $30 (within 48 hrs Booking $40)  (+GST)      
Casual Day Nanny $30 (within 48 hrs Booking $40)  (+GST)
Share Nanny/Babysitter $15 surcharge per extra family (+GST)
24 hour care/Overnight Care $45 (+GST)
Weekend Nanny $90 (+GST)
Before & After School Care $35 (within 48 hrs Booking $40) + GST
Casual week/Temp Nanny $150 (+GST)
School Holiday Care Daily $30 (+GST), Weekly $150 (+GST)
Vacation Nanny Contact us for a Tailored Quote
Temp Live-in Nanny Daily $30 (+GST), Weekly $150 (+GST)
Semi-Rural / Rural locations $40 to $50 (+GST)
Party Assistance/Group Bookings Contact us for a Tailored Quote

Does ACS offer discounts for multiple bookings?

If your booking is likely to exceed 5 days then please contact us for a tailored discounted quote.

How much should I pay the casual nanny/babysitter and how do I pay them?

Evening babysitters and casual day nannies charge $26 – $35 per hour. You will be required to pay the carer at the end of her assignment in cash for the hours she has worked.  If you have a corporate booking where expenses can be claimed, we can arrange payment to the nanny on your behalf and invoice you for both the booking fee and hours worked, please contact us for further details.

What is a Share Nanny/Babysitter?

A share sit is for two or more sets of parents requiring care for any additional such as cousins, friends etc.  A $15 surcharge applies to the agency booking fee per extra family and the hourly rate per increases by $5 per extra child.

How does ACS calculate overnight rates for 24 hour care or overnight care?

We carry a minimum 4 hours per day so if its just the night you need we suggest a 6pm to 10am booking to cover the minimum 4 hours per day booked i.e. 6pm-10pm and 6am – 10am.  This will incur the casual hourly rates and a flat rate of $150 for the overnight stay.  Any hours required outside of these times will be charged at the casual hourly rate. 

How does ACS calculate overnight rates for a weekend Nanny or Temporary Live-in Nanny?

The daily rates vary based on the start time and finish time so its best to give us a call or send an enquiry through email so we can ensure we are providing you with a tailored quote to suit your needs.

What’s the minimum set hours for Before and After School Care?

The minimum set hours for a split shift is 2 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon.  If fewer hours are required in the afternoon then this will be factored in to the hourly rate so an increased rate will apply.  Our After School Carers are willing to run a few errands, put a load of wash on and prepare the evening meal prior to collecting the children from school.

Do I get to meet the carers for a casual placement?

If you choose to engage in our services for a babysitter or casual nanny we will select the carer for you on your behalf ensuring to the match the criteria set out by you in your Registration Forms.  We will phone you to provide you with a full briefing on the candidate before providing them with your details.  The carer will contact you in advance of the booking to introduce themselves to you and this is when you will have the opportunity to arrange a time to meet with the candidate prior to them commencing the assignment with you, time permitting.  You can change your carer at any time as the booking fee has been paid at the time of the booking.

Can I have the same casual nanny/babysitter I had last time?

Where bulk bookings are required we will certainly have the same carer for each booking to maintain consistency.  If regular bookings are required we will always endeavour to send you the same candidate for your family.  Please keep in mind that the longer in advance that you can let us know the more likely it is that we will be able to remain consistency with the same carers for you and meet your requirements.

How far in advance do I have to book?

As mentioned above, the sooner you let us know the more likely we will be able to have the same carers available for you.  However, we will always be able to cater to any emergency situations or last minute bookings with a new carer for you if your regular carer is not available.

How are ACS nannies/babysitters screened?

ACS staff carefully reference checks each candidate. In addition, all nannies are subject to the Working With Children check, which performs a background check on each carer to ensure that they are not prohibited from working with children.

How long can I have a temp live-in Nanny and what should I expect to pay?

You can have a temp live-in Nanny stay with you anywhere from an overnight stay up to 3 months, anything beyond this would be considered to be a more permanent arrangement.  The rates for a temporary live-in Nanny are higher than an Au-Pair or permanent live-in Nanny as this does not include rent, food, bills etc.  The carer will still have to cover these personal expenses.  The rates will vary on a case by case basis so please contact us for a tailored quote.


The following are answers to some common questions that people have when employing a candidate on a permanent basis.

What is the process for employing a permanent carer through ACS?

Firstly, we will discuss with you your personal requirements to gain an understanding of your children’s needs and send you through a quote for the once off agency placement fee and our Family Registration Pack which includes an introduction to our agency, a quote, our Brochure, Registration Forms and a copy of our Terms of Business.

If you choose to engage in our services, we will contact you upon receipt of your registration to discuss the requirements with you further.  We will then conduct a search and advertise the role to ensure that we can obtain a good selection of unlimited candidate profiles that match the criteria set out on your forms.  We will email the candidate profiles across to you via email for your consideration and you can then let us know who you would like to meet so that we can co-ordinate and set up convenient interview times for you. The final decision on the right carer is your own and we can assist you with negotiating employment arrangements upon your selection.

When do I pay the agency for a permanent carer placement?

The permanent placement fee covers the process of employing a permanent Nanny through our agency.  This includes us conducting a search with our existing candidates and advertising the position to enable us to get a good selection of candidates for you to consider.  We then update profiles and reference checks and email candidate profiles through to you for your perusal and consideration.  We then set up convenient interview times for you to meet with the candidates you are interested in and the final decision is your own as to who you choose to employ.  You can use us exclusively knowing that you will receive unlimited quality candidates to find the right fit for you and your family.  The quoted permanent placement fee is payable upon selection.  The placement fee is charged to your credit card details provided by you at the time of registration with our agency.  A Confirmation of Employment letter and our Employment Contract Template will be sent to you via email which is also included in the cost of the fee.  Please refer to our Terms of Business which includes our cancellation policy.

How much should I pay my carer?

Nannies are paid according to their qualifications, skills, experience and what they are currently being paid.  We also take into consideration the number of hours offered, extended duties of the role and number of children to be cared for. Permanent Carers’ remuneration details are negotiable between families and their Carers. ACS offers advice on wages and taxation, however the final employment contract will be between you (the Client) and the Carer. Nanny wages generally start from $26 per hour and can go up to $35 per hour.  We ask you to provide us with a range of pay so that we can keep in line with your desired requirements.

How are ACS carers screened?

ACS staff carefully reference check each candidate, and all nannies/babysitters are fully screened by ACS prior to becoming fully registered candidates. In addition, all nannies are required to hold a current Working With Children check clearance to ensure that they are not prohibited from working with children.  This also includes a Police Records Check.  We also conduct reference checks with previous and current employers so we can obtain the necessary feedback on their levels of performance in their roles.  All carers need to have current First Aid Training and a minimum 2-3 years experience working with children to be able to register with our agency.

How will ACS help me select a carer?

Our aim is to facilitate introductions that show potential for the development of a unique relationship, based on mutual respect between families and carers. For Permanent Placements, the final employment decision is ultimately up to you. We can help suggest interview questions to ensure you find out exactly what you need to know to make your decision. Please refer to the above question ‘Do I get to meet the carers for a Casual Placement?’ above if you wish to engage in a casual placement through out agency.

How will ACS help me understand what is involved in becoming an employer?

We will offer advice on insurance cover, superannuation, taxation, and workers compensation. At your request we can assist in the drafting of a suitable employment contract. However, ACS is not a law firm, and ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet your obligations as an employer.

What happens if my carer doesn’t work out?

ACS implements a four week trial period at the start of each permanent placement. If within this period either yourself or the nanny that you have chosen is unhappy with the arrangement, ACS will endeavour to provide another suitable candidate free of charge.  Outside of this trial period we offer discounts of up to 50% off on further placements within a 12 month period if you choose to engage in our services for a replacement candidate.  If you have engaged in our services with a Casual or Temporary arrangement, you can change your carer at any time provided that the casual fee has been paid in full.

Temp with a View to Permanent Placement

If you do not wish to commit to the permanent arrangement up front, we offer you the opportunity to place a candidate on a temporary basis with a view to permanent offer.  This allows you to book a candidate on a month to month basis with the intention to offer permanent placement all going well.  The daily temporary agency booking fee for a Nanny is $30.00 (+GST) per day booked each week and payable a month in advance and upon Registration to engage our services.  This secures the booking and provides consistency with the one carer for this length of time.  If your booking exceeds 4 weeks or you wish to extend the temporary assignment, we will offer you a tailored discount.  You can offer the candidate permanent placement any time throughout the duration of the temporary assignment and if the candidate accepts, we will also offer you a discount off the permanent placement fee which is calculated based on how long the candidate has been with you on a temporary basis.

Au-Pairs/Live-in Nanny

“Please Note: Our Au Pair/Live-in Services are temporarily on hold due to COVID-19.  We will update this section accordingly once we are in a better position to be able to offer these services.”

You can choose to employ a live-in Nanny/Au-Pair on a permanent basis anywhere from 3 months to 6 months (with a possible view to extend to 12 months).  All of our carers are based and established in Australia so have already obtained relevant visa’s to be able to live and work in Australia.  We also have Australian residents who are looking to travel domestically within Australia for these types of roles to gain experience working in different States and Regions.  The weekly salary is determined by the number of days and hours offered per week and based on an agreed hourly rate so that if the carer works above and beyond the weekly hours she is paid accordingly.  We can also work to a rotating roster by calculating the average numbers of hours per week to determine the minimum weekly salary also.  Rates will vary on a case by case basis so please contact us to obtain a tailored quote.

Paying  My Permanent Nanny

There is no Award Wage set for Nannies which means that it becomes the carers responsibility to declare their income as an extra income and contribute to their own Super, UNLESS you are offering them more than 30 hrs per week.  In this case, you can either choose to with hold tax from the Nannies wages or the carer can choose to obtain her own ABN, either way you will need to make Superannuation Contributions.

Income tax

You can find out about paying income tax at Australian Taxation Office – PAYG withholding and household employees.


Once your nanny works 30 hours or more a week, paying superannuation becomes a statutory requirement. Superannuation is currently 10% of gross.

You can find out more at Australian Taxation Office – Super.

Note: if you have a fixed price that’s inclusive of superannuation, once superannuation is calculated the remaining balance has to meet the minimum hourly rates.

Leave Entitlements and Incentives

Leave entitlements such as sick leave, holiday leave and Public Holidays are all negotiable and considered to be incentives, as again there is no Award Wage set for Nannies.  We encourage these entitlements be put in place for any hours worked over 30 hrs per week

Child Care Subsidy

The child care subsidy has certain requirements which need to be met by the carer, such as, they are required to be on the In Home Care Register prior to commencement of work. We can certainly search for a nanny to meet you and your families requirements who is either already registered or is willing to become registered for you. To confirm information about the child care subsidy and your options on how you can claim it with a in home registered carer etc we recommend talking to Centrelink / Dept of Education or going to your MyGov Account or go to  or

Employment Contracts

We have had employment contracts legally drawn for you to use as a guide.  A template of which is provided to you upon selection of one of our candidates.  We can offer assistance with the information included in the contract to suit your specific needs.


We recommended that you take out Domestic Workers Compensation which you might already have included in your current home and contents insurance.  Check with your policy provider, if they do not include this as a policy or a stand alone policy outside of your existing home and contents then please contact us so we can provide you with a list of providers offering a stand alone policy or you can contact WorkCover in your state for further information.